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Loving lately

February 9, 2018

So, we finally reached the end of January (did that feel like three months long to anyone else?) I’ve been experiencing this weird phase for me where I don’t wear much makeup besides the 3 holy grails to make my face look like I didn’t just wake up. I’ve also been…

Colourpop haul

Yet another ColourPop Haul

September 15, 2017

Yes, yes… I gave in yet again! There’s something about ColourPop that (no matter the customs process and taxes) makes it impossible not to. Maybe is the cheap prices, maybe the fact that I like everything I’ve ever gotten. Or maybe is the insane color selection. This is my biggest…

Summer Lip Picks

My Summer Lip Picks

July 27, 2017

If you talked to me last year, I would have told you I’d only wear liquid lipsticks, no matter the season. I would have opted for what people call “Fall colours” as well. But somehow, this year I’m all about a fresh easy lip. The key words for summer for…

colourpop haul

ColourPop International Haul

May 9, 2017

Yes, another haul… Oops?! I actually made this purchase a while ago, before both my NYX and Sephora splurges. But it only (finally) arrived last week! The order was placed on March 14th, when the first of their Spring Collection launched. It only took a week to make its way…