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August Goals

August 1, 2017
August goals

For someone that dislikes Summer and the hot weather as much as I do, I never usually look forward to August. This year I started working full time and I’ve got time off for the first time in months. Three weeks to be exact. I’ve never been more motivated to just do everything I don’t haven’t had enough time to do this past year. I can’t wait to…


My Summer Lip Picks

July 27, 2017
Summer Lip Picks

If you talked to me last year, I would have told you I’d only wear liquid lipsticks, no matter the season. I would have opted for what people call “Fall colours” as well. But somehow, this year I’m all about a fresh easy lip. The key words for summer for me are hydration, low maintenance and fast application. A recent discovery has been the Kiko Milano Jelly Stylo…


Nabla Cosmetics Haul

July 20, 2017
Nabla Cosmetics Haul

I was on a 5-minute break at work the other day and decided to check my emails. Only a few minutes earlier I received the Nabla Cosmetics newsletter. Every eye shadow is on sale and products from their new collection are discounted as well. My self-control was nowhere to be found and I made my order there and then (literally in 1 minute). Items on sale This is the…


Trying the New KIKO Metal Lipstick

July 16, 2017
KIKO Metal Lipstick

One of my biggest complaint about the KIKO brand has always been the fact that they never really ventured much on trends or crazy colourful makeup. But lately, I have seen a big shift from them. From innovative collections and crazier shades added to their permanent lines. KIKO Metal Lipstick I have to be honest, I’m not that much into the metallic lip trend. But of course, I…

Beauty Fashion

Summer Fashion and Beauty Wishlist

July 8, 2017
Summer Fashion and Beauty Wishlist

I’m a shopaholic, not gonna lie. There’s always something I’m planning on spending my money on. I can always find a reason for which I would need the stuff I set my eyes on. Today I’m sharing with you those items and the (not so) very important reasons my brain made up in order for me to feed my constant need of spending.…


USA MakeUp Haul

June 30, 2017
USA Makeup Haul

When I booked the trip to New York I knew I was going to spend a lot of time there shopping for makeup. To be honest I thought I was going to spend a lot more than I did. I’m not going to lie if I wasn’t so overwhelmed I probably would have. I even forgot one of the things I wanted the most, which was the pretty…


New York City Makeup Shopping List

June 20, 2017

As I write this I’m less than a few hours away from boarding a flight to New York. This trip has this been my dream since I was young. As I grew into a makeup addicted blogger this has been an even bigger dream, because I see America as the land of makeup. Even if there are more and more options for us Europeans, there’s still a lot…