full face of first impressions

I love watching first impression videos. I think it’s so interesting to see how someone reacts to a never before tried product, even more, when they haven’t even heard about it. Now, as much as I would love to start a YouTube channel, right now I just don’t have the means to do that, not yet. But why not a blog post instead?

Today I did my makeup with all the new products I mostly got in New York. Every part of my makeup was new and never used before. Except for eyebrows, which I haven’t had the chance to get anything new for. (Which are the usual essence make me brow and Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil).

L’Oréal Pro Glow Foundation

This foundation is everything I expected to be. After being stuck with so many matte foundations (it’s hard to find dewy ones in my country for whatever reason), finally, I have something catered for my skin. It’s glowy but not oily like I remember the L’Oréal Lumi being. The coverage is nice, not full by any means, but covered small imperfections effectively. I was right about the shade being too light though. So I think I’m gonna save it for after summer. The lasting power seems nice, although I haven’t really put it to the test.

Eco Tools Sponge Duo Set

I have mixed reactions on these sponges. The bigger one becomes huge when soaked, while the tiny becomes the same size of the other when dry. After using the beauty blender for months, I found them a little too tough and stiff. On the upside, they soaked less product than other sponges would. Blending was also a touch more difficult. We’re talking about a couple more bounces than I’m used to though, nothing major. I also like their shape and that there’s two size option, as it makes possible to do just about everything I could with a sponge, especially baking with the sharp edge.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

I pretty much loved this, until I screwed it up. A small dot under each eye was enough to cover dark circles, lighten the under eyes and prime my eyelids. It blended beautifully and I could have been content with leaving it like that. But I decided to powder instead. Actually, I don’t even think it was the powder to do the damage, as much as it was the fact that I went over with the sponge because I missed a spot while blending. That caused the concealer to cake and lift right above the spot where I needed it the most: my dark circles. But I loved the product up until this point, of course, I’m giving it another chance. And I won’t dare with powder next time.

Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow and Blush 

I was scared of going full on with this shadow, so I applied a transition shade from the Shade and Light Palette. This colour actually doesn’t show up as intense as I thought, but a little lighter, which is fine because I’d rather build it up blending layer by layer. Might actually try it as a blush after all.  The formula is smooth and buttery and blends really easily.

Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow – Smoldering Satin

Holy moly. Literally liquid metal. Full pigmentation as soon as I tapped the applicator on the lid, but most importantly, super glittery. Honestly, the most disappointing thing is when you buy glitter and then you go to apply and there’s a few a and far between specs and nothing more. Not with this product. The fallout isn’t even that bad, as after I applied over my slightly hooded eyelid and with the constant movement, only a few specs appeared on my under-eye and weren’t even that noticeable. Totally worth the money.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This is a small tester I got at (Italian) Sephora and since I don’t have a new mascara, thought I might as well try. Didn’t really enjoy this that much, but didn’t really hate it, it was just meh. If I had bought this I would have been disappointed for sure, as the 3€ one from essence beats this by a mile, in my opinion.

Violet Voss Eye Believe in Unicorns Lashes

I don’t knI’m if I’m just having a good lash day, but for the first time, I had no problem having the lash stick down, inner corner included. Which never happens that easily. Even if the lash band is on the thick side, it didn’t feel like it on the eye. Very comfortable and weightless, and I’m not used to having false lashes at all.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – Seduce

As I imagined, this blush gave me a nice natural flush of colour. It’s not fully pigmented, as I would expect a face product to be, but it’s not patchy in the slightest. This one is going to be my everyday blush, I have no doubt.

ColourPop Scrumptious Super Shock Cheek

Although I didn’t pick up any new highlighter lately (what?!) I still had this one from the Waffle trio that I still had to try. I haven’t dared until now because it’s pink and usually it doesn’t match what I have on, but after seeing Lolita on the eyes, it looked like it worked. As the other ones, this gives a wet looking highlight and I’m obsessed.

LA Splash Komodo/Nagini Smitten LipTint Mousse

I think you can see for yourself, this one was a very disappointing product. The lipstick basically was already dried by the time I applied on the lips. It was so difficult to move around and cover the surface of my lips. Trying to make things even was nearly impossible. I knew I wouldn’t be much of a fan of the formula, but this was even worse than expected.