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Loving lately

February 9, 2018

So, we finally reached the end of January (did that feel like three months long to anyone else?) I’ve been experiencing this weird phase for me where I don’t wear much makeup besides the 3 holy grails to make my face look like I didn’t just wake up. I’ve also been…

2018 Goals

A Fresh Start: 2018 Goals

January 1, 2018

And just like that, another year is gone. 2017 was both one of my worst years and best. I finally graduated Uni and got a stable job, but in between, depression was at an all-time high. I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, but instead of beating myself for…

tv junkie gift

TV Junkie Gift Guide

November 30, 2017

I think we all have that one friend that has watched every TV series (sometimes more than once) and is truly addicted. In my case, I’m that friend. And everyone always says to me: we know what you like, but what am I going to get you? a month of…

How to embrace a rainy day

How to Embrace a Rainy Day

October 4, 2017

I’m in my bed trying to nurse this horrible back pain that forced me to the ER last Saturday night and all I can hear is the pouring rain. And even though I’m pretty much stranded here I can’t help but feel happy and relaxed. Because that’s what rain does…

August goals

August Goals

August 1, 2017

For someone that dislikes Summer and the hot weather as much as I do, I never usually look forward to August. This year I started working full time and I’ve got time off for the first time in months. Three weeks to be exact. I’ve never been more motivated to…