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May 2017


May Fashion Wishlist

May 17, 2017
may fashion wishlist

In most cases, when I have some money to spend, I usually splurge on makeup. After getting a job offer this month, of course, I started thinking about how many things I could buy with my first paycheck. That is if I actually start anytime soon because paperwork is taking so long. I’ve always had a very casual style, and I never worked in an office before. So I’m…


Where to buy American makeup when you live Europe

May 11, 2017
usa makeup in europe

I first got into makeup when I was in high school when the first KIKO Milano store opened somewhat close to me. I live in Italy and not even drugstore makeup was reachable nor cheap at the time. I mean, we’re talking 7 years ago, so not that long but apparently wearing makeup was a foreign concept in my country. About 4 years ago I started discovering the whole Instagram…


ColourPop International Haul

May 9, 2017
colourpop haul

Yes, another haul… Oops?! I actually made this purchase a while ago, before both my NYX and Sephora splurges. But it only (finally) arrived last week! The order was placed on March 14th, when the first of their Spring Collection launched. It only took a week to make its way across the ocean, a lot more to get to my house. …