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March 2017


My go-to lipsticks: the ones that never fail me!

March 17, 2017
go-to lipsticks

Lipsticks are my favourite makeup item, ever. I might hoard all makeup as much as I can, but it’s nothing in comparison to my lipstick collection. Some days I don’t mind testing new formulas or wearing ones that aren’t that lasting or comfortable. But most days I just need something that I don’t have to worry about and check up on. Something that I can trust to last or wear…


Best of Essence Makeup

March 1, 2017
Best of essence

Essence is one of few brands that I looked down on at first. I’m not a snobby person, hell, 90% of my makeup is from the drugstore. But every time I saw their display I couldn’t help but feel iffy. How could make up that cheap be any good? Only when I heard my favourite YouTubers spend a few good words on their products, I decided to finally…